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Purpose and Objectives

1. Along with breeders and farmers develop the community economy based that presents creative and productive innovations in breeding and agriculture sectors.

2. Providing guidance to breeders and farmers with innovative methods in the management of breeding and agriculture with appropriate and efficient technology so as to increase productivity to the maximum results gained.

3. Managing the breeding and agricultural sectors by integrating creativity and technology until productive breeders and farmers are able to be independent in all aspects, through sustainable mentoring assistance mechanisms and professional business management.

4. Encourage the productivity of breeders and farmers in terms of significantly increased production capacity which will later have an impact on improving and increasing the economic level and welfare of breeders and farmers so that they are highly competitive and able to raise the level of the economy into independent entrepreneurs.

5. Creating new innovations in the management of sheepfold and modern agricultural technology by utilizing and taking advantage of all opportunities and supporting facilities around us.

6. Attracting the interest of the younger generation to participate and actively participate to directly plunge into the business sector of breeding and agricultural to be able to develop all existing potential that exists with the support of professional management and modern management governance.

7. Implement innovation and appropriate technology to improve quality and productivity so it can provide added value for the community in supporting food security and economic resilience programs based on an independent management system.

8. With innovation and technology transfer, hopefully breeder and farmers can have experience in the field in working to directly apply the knowledge they have, so that they can produce and generate new innovations and creations to be free from the classic problem of dependence on breeding and agricultural supporting products like feed, fertilizers and pesticides.