[Independence Program]

Program Excellence

  1. Creating new employment for the community to manage the livestock and agriculture sectors.
  2. Provide additional income for people who already have a permanent job.
  3. Sheepfold design and management systems are modern and professional, so they are able to compete in animal husbandry and agriculture.
  4. Breeders and farmers get certainty of income because the sale of the harvest will be accommodated and bought in accordance with the market price by KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA).
  5. Tripartite cooperation that synergizes with breeders / farmers, banking and KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA) so it can revive and move the new business world.
  6. Distribution of financing capital from banks can be done optimally according to banking regulations without any administrative irregularities and misuse.
  7. Able to create community economic independence and food self-sufficiency.
  8. This program is a mutually beneficial program and no party is harmed in the slightest.