In the globalization era of technology-based economic development, the rapid development of the world of livestock and agriculture at this time requires a serious handling in order to be managed professionally and modernly, assistance by mentoring to breeders and farmers is a necessity in order to facilitate and understand the veins of the frequent problems becomes an obstacle for breeders and farmers so that it can be done by development and introduction of technology can be carried out based on a format that is adjusted to the needs of breeders and farmers but still follows the current technological developments in order to succeed the program of animal protein self-sufficiency and food self-sufficiency.

Reflecting on this issue, KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA) felt challenged and called to provide guidance and perform coaching in terms of management and business assistance.

KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA) is present as a multinational-scale enterprise engaged in food and energy security, where KOIN is ready to bring a modern innovation that combines creativity, technology, skills and experience from experts in their fields. Especially in the field of sheep farms that KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA) has made an innovative breakthrough in terms of designing the selected concept of sheepfold for fattening sheep and laying hens cage innovation with a touch of technology that is easy to make and environmentally friendly and minimal maintenance costs so that it can significantly increase production results which indirectly can assist breeders or partners in increasing their production capacity.


Currently, the partners KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA) has spread across in almost all parts of Central Java and mostly in Semarang Regency area where the KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA) is established. With all the effort, energy, thought and strategy, even though the implementation encountered with many obstacles but the tireless struggle of the management of KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA) invites breeders and farmers to participate and actively joint the program so they are able to optimize the system of livestock and agriculture governance, build an agro business center that have competitiveness with targeted management, improving the empowerment of breeders and farmers to be independent without having to wait in the facilitation of capital assistance but still productive in utilizing the environment to its fullest.

The empowerment program for breeders and farmers that prioritizes the concept of food security in village communities is being socialized to encourage breeders and farmers to rise above their weaknesses by optimizing existing land and limited capital. The principle that always wants to work with creation in facing all challenges that exist, then the KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA) must dare to transform so that breeders and farmers become qualified human resources in breeding and agriculture industry by utilizing adequate infrastructure with the support of good management and modern technology to increase productivity in the agribusiness sector, one of which is by starting the production of organic fertilizer to support the development of organic farming.

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Three Pillars of KOIN Achievement

The Livestock and Agriculture Industry is not only an economic activity to generate income for breeders and farmers. Livestock and agriculture is a way of life for most breeders and farmers because the sector and system of animal husbandry and agriculture must place the subject of farmers, as actors of the agricultural sector as real farmer, not only from the economic aspect but also from social aspects and aspects of business development that is profit-oriented (profit oriented), the livestock and agriculture as a component of the chain in the commodity system, its performance is determined by the performance of the commodity system itself then with the agribusiness system approach and agricultural sector policy formulation that is logical and neutral for all business scales for the realization of a healthy national economy through system development and business management that is competitive, community-based and sustainable.

KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA) conducts mentoring assistance and guidance to breeders and farmers with the concept of mutual benefit to improve significant welfare for breeders and farmers. So that KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA) will always prioritize the three pillars of achievement, namely:

  1. Profit Oriented (profit achievement) program that oriented to the advantages of profit for breeders and farmers, by presenting management that supported by modern technology in the production process so that breeders and farmers can obtain significant gains and benefits.
  2. Social Oriented (social awareness) programs that are oriented to encourage social awareness of the environment, thus making the livestock and agriculture industries as the main activities that provide social impacts and environmental impacts to improve a better economy for the community where the results of business benefits can be felt by all parties involved in it with the aim of empowering the economic community and maintaining a sustainable environment.
  3. Develop Oriented (business development) programs that are oriented towards the development of governance management and the use of appropriate technology to have a significant impact on improving the welfare of the community, especially breeders and farmers, where this program explores and focuses on the substance of the problems that are often faced by breeders and farmers by presenting modern technology which is balanced with reliable human resources through strong institutional assistance through cooperative institutions.

Hopefully a little effort done by KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA) is able to provide color in the business world of livestock and agriculture industry.

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