[Independence Program]

1. Integrated livestock and Agriculture Assistance
This program is a breakthrough from the thoughts of the founders of KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA) to respond to the circumstances and conditions of breeders and farmers.

This program is designed to improve the capability and capabilities of the human resources development sector which owned by breeders and farmers. The partners are invited to run intensive businesses that is managed by the implementation the principles of good governance management in the production process that has been optimally combined with modern technology so it has competitiveness & significantly able to increase the selling value. The partners who already have a livestock stable (sheep or chicken) are fostered to be able to optimize production results with the application of professional and integrated management. So that breeders and farmers do not depend on natural conditions, but are able to innovate with available resources to make modern farms and make farming more effective and profitable.

2. Organic Fertilizer Processing
Actually the processing of organic fertilizer has been done by many members at this time. Both solid organic fertilizer and liquid organic fertilizer are actually really needed by farmers when the price of chemical fertilizers is soaring high and the stock is limited.

Besides that, the use of chemical fertilizers that clearly damage the soil structure, so farmers are expected to be able to think to regulate the planting pattern and reduce dependence on chemical fertilizers to switch to using organic fertilizers.
With the program of assistance and mass production of organic fertilizer conducted by partners of KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA), is expected to be able to fulfill the current fertilizer needs of farmers and can provide solutions for farmers to switch from using chemical fertilizers to organic fertilizers.
In this program, KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA) teaches partners to be able to process waste from a cage in the form of manure and urine to become organic fertilizer at site of partner sheepfold, with appropriate methods and processes, organic fertilizer with composition and content will be produced and the levels of nutrient are in accordance with the quality standards set.

3. Livestock Feed Processing
KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA) has prepared livestock feed processing production which is hygienic, highly nutritious and easily digested by livestock, including production for fermented sheep feed and laying chicken feed. The results of animal feed processing made by KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA) will be distributed to partners as feed for sheep and laying hens owned by the partners.

By processing animal feeds themselves, it is hoped that farmers will be able to reduce the cost of feed, so that partners can get enough income.

The program planned by KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA) is the construction of a feed processing production center located near the cage location so that the supply of feed is targeted can be enough to meet the needs of 20 to 50 sheepfolds around the location of the livestock feed processing production center.
In this program, in addition to reviving modern livestock, it is also expected to be able to absorb labor around the location of the feed processing production center located, so as to be able to reduce unemployment rate in the area.

4. Development of Biogas Installations Towards Energy Independent
The need for energy in the household is vital in human life. So when there is an increase in price or scarcity of LPG supplies there will definitely be volatility in the user community. Until now, the provision of alternative energy that has always been held is still only limited discourse and KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA) tries to provide solutions that are right on target for the community and directly implemented in the field so that the benefits can be immediately felt by the community.

The program planned by KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA), which is that each group of breeders partners who are members of 20 to 30 sheepfolds or laying hens cages will be built installation for processing livestock manure into biogas, in addition to livestock manure used as solid organic fertilizer, the gas contained in livestock manure can be used as household biogas.
The concept applied by KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA) is that partners who utilize processed biogas are only charged to fees for the maintenance costs of the installation, not for sale or trade.

5. Agribusiness Marketing Management
As a companion in the field of livestock and agriculture, KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA) actively provides assistance in management and strategy in marketing the results of livestock and agricultural business.
Marketing management is provided in a professional and modern way, so farmers have the ability to be able to compete in this free market era.

The partners will be equipped with basic economic knowledge to manage their finances, from making simple financial books to marketing strategies for livestock and agricultural products.
It is hoped that with the knowledge and ability to manage finance, partners of breeders and farmers will be able to avoid the fraudulent brokers or moneylenders who provide loans for land management with high interest. Some marketing strategies are given such as direct sales of livestock and agricultural products through a direct selling system by using three-wheeled motorized transportation or by establishing a food mini market in each district.

6. Food self-sufficiency Management
The management of food self-sufficiency is the ULTIMATE GOAL of all KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA) programs, which are integrated starting from the upstream to downstream processing in the livestock and agriculture industry sector.
Food independence can only be realized if the awareness to develop modern agricultural businesses is supported by an effective and efficient production strategy. Adoption of innovation and technology will increase product productivity and quality, reduce losses, increase value added by empowering and participating farmers to enhance competitiveness.
In order to build food self-sufficiency based on local production, effective and efficient management support is needed, with a partnership with farmers that can accelerate the realization of food independence.

Food independence management is an effective way to reduce problems related to food management, including:
1. Management of agricultural fertilizer and medicine needs
2. Management of land management that regulates the governance of planting to harvest
3. Management of supply and demand

Hopefully, with the management of food self-sufficiency management will be an effective way to reduce the current account deficit, through food self-sufficiency at least able to put the brakes on food imports that consume foreign exchange while eliminating dependence on imported food, so that it can spur the productivity of farmers for food self-sufficiency.