[Independence Program]

Current Ongoing Partnership

High market demand for meat needs makes this commodity become food demand which is currently still a commodity that is imported, including the need for sheep whose market share is still potential because sheep are among Indonesia’s flagship livestock and have an important contribution of fulfilling the nutritional and animal protein of the community.
Currently KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA) has a contract to export mutton to the Middle East with an export quota of 500 tons of meat per month in the form of carcasses. If one sheep can produce mutton the form of a carcass weighing 20 kg, then the monthly demand for sheep live is as much as 25,000 tails.

KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA) foster sheep breeders with modern and professional management methods. Where the sheepfold is designed with the concept selected to become a modern and representative cage, for feeding the feed used is feed that has been processed by fermentation so as to be able to quickly add to the weight of sheep and for the use of manure will be processed optimally to be able to made as organic fertilizer, so that farmers will benefit more but are easier and more efficient in its management.

KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA) has developed a modern plasma system for partners with the following partnership development mechanisms:

  1. Investment costs for the manufacture of sheepfold that are environmentally friendly, are made with concrete foundation construction, using steel frame, galvalum roof, old coconut wood foundation, bamboo floor girders and wire mesh enclosures.
  2. With a cage length 15 m x 10 m area, has a capacity of 30 sheep for each sheepfold. The sheepfold is designed to be strong and durable, so business partners can use it continuously with an estimated lifespan of up to 10 years.
  3. The investment value of the construction of environmentally friendly sheepfold is Rp. 72.555.000,- (Seventy Two Million Five Hundred Fifty Five Thousand Rupiah). As for the return on investment the sheepfold has been calculated with a payment system for working capital returns at each post-sale of sheep production which is included in depreciation costs.
  4. The sheepfold will be provided by KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA).
  5. The environmentally friendly sheepfold is designed with a knock down system so that it is easy in the process of loading and unloading, in addition to that the sheepfold can be sold to other partners or will be bought back by the KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA) at a price of Rp.59.555.000,- ( Fifty Nine Million Five Hundred Fifty Five Thousand Rupiah) after deducting the depreciation value by 30% with a well-maintained, non-rusty and non-porous sheepfold.

This creative and productive people’s economic business program certainly requires capital. If the member partners need capital from a third party, then KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA) will help to obtain the capital with the following rules and conditions:

  1. Copy of husband and wife’s ID card
  2. Copy of Family Card and Marriage Certificate
  3. Photographs 4 x 6 husband and wife (2 pieces each)
  4. Copy of SHM / HGB (Property certificate)
  5. Copy of the latest SPPT (Property tax)
  6. Environmental disturbance permit / HO signed by neighbors around the place where the sheepfold are built, accompanied by photocopies of each neighbor’s KTP known by RT, RW and head of village.
  7. Land certificate is not disputed signed by head of village.
  8. Land Price Statement from head of village
  9. Certificate of sheep livestock business from head of village.

Following Program Requirements:

  1. Own land for sheep farming with a size of 15 m X 10m
  2. Has a place to work on filling plant media in polybags for the process of making organic fertilizer.
  3. Prospective partners have no problems with banks or financial institutions.
  4. Partner members run the business seriously working hard, disciplined and honest.
  5. Production capital provided to partners is not provided in cash, but in the form of sheepfold, sheep and feed infrastructure provided by KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA).
  6. KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA) provides health insurance coverage in the form of inpatient insurance for breeders and farmers who join the partnership program.

To maintain the business continuity of the partners, if the breeders partners face obstacles or difficulties in the process of marketing their crops, then KOIN (KOPERASI UMKM INDONESIA) will assist in the process of marketing the harvests of the partners by making direct purchases for the harvest produced in accordance with market prices, so that it can help the partners of breeders and farmers in increasing income because the harvest has a selling value that is able to compete in the market.