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1. The use of technology with the latest innovations can contribute to breeders and farmers because it has several advantages, so that the limitation of knowledge of breeders and farmers in managing the business can be solved, with the expectation that breeders and farmers will no longer live below the poverty line and be able to raise the economic and welfare levels of their life.

2. Educational factors are the cause of the difficulty of raising the productivity of breeders and farmers to compete in the domestic market, due to the low education of farmers, lack of skills and shortage of breeding technology application and Agriculture technology.

3. The unavailability of easy access to bank financing for rural areas makes most breeders and farmers unable to get the loan capital they need to invest so they cannot increase productivity through the use of better production facilities. It is considered that the livestock and agriculture sector is a sector that is not bankable because it is included in the business category with high risk category.

4. Factors that inhibit the development of breeding and agriculture business are the lack of application of management as well as integrated guidance from upstream to downstream in implementing the latest technology, one of the reasons because of the willingness of breeders and farmers to apply modern breeding and agriculture technology is still minimal, so this mindset must be changed to optimize the existing potential so it can change breeders and farmers from traditional patterns to modern management.

5. The lack of interest and participation of the younger generation in the field of breeding and agriculture continues to decline, due to the assumption that the results of breeding and agriculture business are not able to sustain for their future, in addition the limitation of access to land and capital as well as the lack of technological support for young generation which causes potential from breeding and agriculture businesses cannot be develop optimally.